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Donald Trump, a Bad, Bad Hombre

IMAGE: Donald Trump, the smack-talker in chief.


Some folks love talking smack. Donald Trump is one of them. He insults people all the time. But I understand; he does it because he gets away with it. And because a great chunk of white America is okay with his vile behavior. He certainly likes to berate us Mexicans, I’m telling you. He launched his presidential campaign doing so and a lot of folks loved it. He called us this and that, but mainly criminals. He was probably told to go after us so he could incite the sometimes dormant bigotry that lies beneath the outer lining of some people. We were an easy pick, after all, we the Mexicans in America often become the scapegoats and get blamed for some of the country’s ills.

Pandering to that voter base worked for Trump and got him elected. That base is a big and significant segment of the population, made up by both, passive and outspoken men and women that live and breed hate mongering. They have been around for ages. They’re the ignorant, the uninformed, the less educated, the racist faction of our land. Most them are republicans.

By the way, every time Trump feels that he needs to rekindle that obnoxious camp, he takes his trash talk on the road and again spouts his drivel about us. To further incite those folks, he keeps giving us names. At one time he called us “bad hombres.” Just recently, he said that we were “animals.” Ay, ay, ay. He just doesn’t get tired of talking smack about Mexicans. I guess we’ll be his punching bag for a while more. Unless, of course, he has “a great fall and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” can no longer cover up for him and he ends up in the hoosegow (along with his crooked cronies). Boy, that would be great relief.

Talking about names, Trump is good at coming up with monikers for the folks he attacks. Instead of participating in intelligent and civil discourse about a topic or a controversy, he resorts to less scintillating ways to have his say or to defend himself. He gives his supposed opponents nicknames. It’s another way of talking smack and a defense mechanism that he probably picked up during his early years, when he had to come up with wicked names to insult other kids.

In August of last year, for example, at a time when North Korea practiced launching inter-continental ballistic missiles into the air and the ocean, threatening the West with its growing arsenals of nukes, Trump answered the call with tweets and his own line of defense: menacing words and name calling. From his golf club in New Jersey, the president said that the threat from North Korea would “be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.” A few months later, Trump referred to Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator, as the “Little Rocket Man.”

It was just smack talk. The Trump kind. By late April of this year, he changed his tune and referred to Jong Un as a “very honorable” person as the two countries prepared for a summit between both presidents, to broker a deal on Pyongyang’s nuclear program. Amazing. So easy to see, Trump’s only about trash talk. His track record speaks for him. He has no morals, no backbone, and not a pinch of manliness. He changes his mind at the whim of the wind and the words he spews are devoid of substance, of worthiness. I call it talking smack.

And not being an “hombre.”


AUTHOR: Pedro Chávez