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We’ve Allowed Trump To Be Trump, a Crook

IMAGE: Draft copy of the Declaration of Independence.

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Our country, the United States of America, is at risk. The centuries-old system of checks and balances is eroding. The pillars of our democratic ways are under attack. In many ways, the government of the people has become the property of big business, of corporate America, and of a behind-the-scenes neo oligarchy. Our nation is falling apart.

The president of the United States and his allies are pillaging the land. Old safeguards that were once set to protect our natural resources and the environment are being removed. Big oil is winning. Unfortunately, we the people and our descendants will end up paying for the government’s trespasses.

Other protections are also being removed. For immigrants, for asylum seekers, for voters, for the poor. The nation that was once a berth for those seeking freedom and opportunity is becoming a lawless land favoring the needs of the rich, of special interest groups.

Our values are also eroding. Lying is okay now; unpresidential conduct is also okay. Offensive language is spewed everyday by the man that was elected to lead and comfort the people. He does it in tweets, on camera, behind the scenes. It’s his way of leading he thinks. Those who follow and support him also follow suit and mimic the President’s lying and repugnant ways. Our moral compass has gone berserk.

Some people blame our woes on mainstream media. In a sense they’re right. Newspapers, radio, TV, and digital news outlets have thrived in many ways ever since Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency in June of 2015. They helped him get elected by fastidiously focusing on him and his daily diatribes. By giving him too much airtime and digital bytes and by splashing his fear mongering remarks on the nation’s dailies and TV screens. There’s no doubt, the Russian meddling helped get Trump elected, but some of the blame belongs to the smoke-filled rooms of mainstream media.

There are other culpable media entities, by the way, that were just as guilty of helping Trump rise to the highest political office in the land. Social media venues were the most influential. This new take on spreading real and fake news brought in a new slant to political campaigning. It helped Trump for sure. Will it help again? Who knows. It will be up to the honchos in those dot coms.

But the guiltiest of all parties is us, we the people. We have allowed the human aberration called Donald J. Trump to continue to destroy our land, our nation, and our democratic ways. And we have done nothing of note to rein in his devious practices. We have allowed him to continue to act above the law, to go around Congress and the courts, and to rule by executive order. We the people are the real culprits. We have allowed the pillage to go on. And that is sad.

However, we still have time to mend our ways and do the right thing, to fight back and to petition the government for a redress of our grievances, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. But, we must act with urgency, before it is too late. Before the pernicious President of the United States of America and his cronies completely destroy our nation.

AUTHOR: Pedro Chávez