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Pomp, Circumstance, and the Downward Spiral

IMAGE: Table settings for the Macron-Trump state dinner at the White House.


The setting was the White House, the event a state dinner. The first one in the era of Trump. It was conceived to honor the President of France and his wife, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. First Lady Melania planned the gig, an opulent rendezvous fit for royalty. It took her several months to prepare it. No expenses were spared and not even the most microscopic detail was left out. There was a cream and gold scheme for the setting, we’re told, matched by fine gold-rimmed China. The menu was not the rubber-chicken kind; the guests dined on luscious French inspired entrees: goat cheese gâteau, rack of lamb, Cajun gold rice, and other bon vivant delicacies. Most ladies in the shindig showed off their best rags. Among them, some haute couture. Melania wore a Chanel gown, Brigitte opted for Louis Vuitton, while first daughter Ivanka had a Rodarte. Almost every guest was just as pompous, presumptuous and out of touch with a world brimming with have-nots.

While one-hundred-and-twenty-plus cretinous and ostentatious wannabe bluebloods celebrated a spurious friendship, draped in fancy clothing and unashamed by their two-faced joy, a lot of women and men in our divided nation metaphorically wore black. It was mostly for the same reasons mentioned in the late Johnny Cash song, but also to remind everyone of the perils that threaten the foundation of our democracy. To tell those in Congress that still cling to the nefarious president, that they can no longer look the other way when it comes time to undo a wrong. That America will not survive unless Donald Trump is stopped from fanning the flames of discontent with his divisive hatred-filled ways.

Besides trying to kill our freedom, Trump is doing the same to our economic future, unabashedly removing the safeguards primarily meant to maintain the free enterprise principles on track, but also to protect us all from the shoddy actions and shenanigans of big business. Trump’s also hocking our nation with trillions of dollars in debt for unnecessary ends, wasting our hard earned money on objectives born in his delusional mind. One of those endeavors is a border wall to replace one that already exists. He’s also into helping his supposed buddies: tax cuts for the rich and for corporate America. The president is also into destroying our land, our piece of the earth, turning back the clock on environmental protection.

As the days, the weeks, and the months pass, Trump’s ineffective and dysfunctional presidency continues to derail the underpinnings of our democracy, our economy, and our values. As the clock ticks, our nation’s stature diminishes in the world stage, while malignant cancers keep on growing and plaguing inner America and our inner selves. The price that we the people will have to pay for the undoings carried out by Trump and his cronies, is pretty monumental. The collectors are already knocking at our doors. As we await for the nightmarish situation to end, some of us keep hoping for better times. But they won’t get here soon enough. Not as long as the cowards in Congress renege on their duties and fail to do what is right.

In the meantime, I’m hoping no one tells me to eat cake.


AUTOR: Pedro Chávez